Tabriz is one of the metropolises of Iran and the historical center of Azerbaijan. Tabriz is a city with full of attractions and sights that the tourists may not be able to see all its beauties after several days of visiting this city.
The city has a rich and glorious history and culture, as it has long been considered by local kings and rulers.
The city of the firsts is the title of this city because the modern and up-to-date facilities of the world have entered into their lives by the efforts of the people of this city. Tabriz was destroyed at different times due to natural disasters such as earthquakes but revived again by the efforts of Turkish-speaking men and women.
In this city, there is a large market has been established since 3 century ago which is unique in the world in terms of area and length, so that its name has been registered with UNESCO.
In this city, handmade carpets and beautiful carpets have made the name of the city of Tabriz known in the world .
After the University of Tehran, the name of Tabriz University can be introduced as one of the oldest universities in the country. Tabriz had been capital of Iran in different period of time.


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