KASHAN city; Gate way of global civilization

Kashan is a city located in the north of Isfahan province with traditional houses and magnificent gardens. Many travelers decide to visit this delightful city on the edge of Dasht_e Kavir (central desert of Iran) on their way to Tehran, Isfahan or Yazd. This alluring destination is famous for its traditional houses, spectacular architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Garden, Fin Garden. In addition, Kashan is the host city of Rosewater Extraction Festival which occurs every year in May. This city has a remarkable history and many folk stories thanks to Sialk Hillocks. Situated 4km west of Kashan, these remnants, which date back to 7000 years ago, reveal the cradle of civilization in prehistoric ages and most of the historians have entitled this city as a (“gate way of global civilization”).

Places must visit in Kashan

Because of its natural and historical attractions Kashan is among the five most visited cities in Iran. With its traditional architecture, turquois domes and windtowers, this city will create an unforgettable experience for you. Other than the Sialk Hillocks, you might want to stop by the most eye catching attractions such as Fin Garden (one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites), Agha Bozorg Mosque, Broujerdi House, Tabataba’i house, Abasian House, Soltan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, Kashan Bazzar, etc. Kashan is also known for Maranjab Desert and Carvanserai, which is located near Namak Lake, both of which are prevailing destinations nowadays. Moreover, Kashan is surrounded by notable places such as Qamsar and Abyaneh Village that attract tourists every year. So, there are a great deal of things to see in and around Kashan, it is an ideal place to stop for a day or two.

World_known products of Kashan

Art and crafts of Kashan have been continuously admired and renowned over the centuries. Kashan’s carpets, colorful rugs, ceramic tiles, silk and textiles have made this city a famous place for art lovers, specially traditional art. Today the town is well known for its rose and some medicinal plants water (Aragh), visitors should not miss these old and traditional rosewater stores. There is also a Rosewater Extraction Festival during April and May when roses are at their full bloom and the city is filled with the aroma of rose flower.

Education and Universities:

There are over 10000 students currently studying in many disparate fields (including medical sciences, art, engineering, physics, chemistry, etc.) at universities in Kashan. Additionally Kashani people have created a hospitable and home-like environment for university students so more and more students consider this city for continuing their education.

In general, the best thing about Kashan is that most of its monuments, like its mosques, majestic gardens, traditional houses, carpets, ceramics and elegant textile, were natively designed and built by Iranians. Furthermore Kashanis are warmly welcoming and hospitable and Kashan tourist attractions have got some spotlights of Iran to proffer its visitors.

Aghabozorg Mosque Kashan

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