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3. Receive authorization code

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4. Collect your visa

at airport/embassy

Iran Visa

In order to apply and get a visa you must submit your passport details to an authorized Iranian travel or tour company. Bitotrip is one of the authorized companies that can provide visa for you. Just you must fill out the following form. After receiving your information we apply online to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to get your visa approval number. Your visa will then be processed and if approved an authorization number will be faxed to the Iranian embassy you nominated to have it picked up at. Our office will then email you the authorization number so you can then pick up your visa. The authorization number means that your visa has been approved by the MFA but it is not the visa itself. Normal processing time by the MFA is 10-14 days and longer for passports from Canada, USA, and UK.

Picking up your visa on arrival at an Iranian Airport or an Iranian embassy

After you receive your authorization number, you can pick it up at the Iranian airport that you arrive. We will prepare an authorization letter for you to give to the airline counter at check in. Once you arrive at the airport in Iran proceed to the Visa Office to have your visa issued. Note that these airport offices sometimes take 20-45 minutes to process your visa and if there is a large group waiting then sometimes longer. Proof of medical travel insurance is now compulsory and is available for sale from the immigration office at the airport. About 70 nationalities can pick up the visa at Iranian airport. You can see the list of these nationalities here.

In another way, you can apply in person or by mail at the nominated embassy or consulate. The actual processing time depends on the embassy and can be from 1-5 days. The visa is valid for 3 months from the date it is processed into your passport so don’t pick it up too early before you plan to travel to Iran.
You can click here to find the nearest embassy or consulate it you.

Documents required for Iran Visa on Arrival (VOA)

  • A high-quality copy of your passport
  • 2 passport photos
  • Hotel reservation and contact details for the first night of stay or the contact details of your host in Iran

Price of Bitotrip service is €15 for fast, efficient and guaranteed visa acceptance

Now you can fill out this form to get your authorization number


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