Persepolis, the Symbol of the Achaemenes Magnificence

Persepolis in Shiraz Shiraz is known as the city of gardens due to its numerous fruit and flower gardens and as the city of poetry since a number of great poets of Iran lived there; however, considering the large number of historical sites of the city, it is fair to call it one of the […]

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Pasargadae, Where the Great King Rests

About Pasargadae Pasargadae was selected and founded as the capital of the Achaemenid dynasty, the first Persian Kingdom, in the time of Cyrus II of Persia (559–530 BC) when the victory was gained in the battle against the Medes in that region. It was built and developed by Cyrus II and his son Cambyses II […]

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Persian Rug; the Manifestation of Art and Culture

It is famous. Persian Rug (or Persian Carpet or Iranian Carpet or let’s pronounce it in the way we, Iranians, do: Farshe Irani) is well-know all around the world. Persian Carpet Everyone who is interested in Iranian art knows Persian Rug and admires it. It is not used merely for decorative purposes but as a […]

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Tombs of Hafiz and Saadi; the Poets of Love and Life

O love, how I felt thy pain!Ask me not how- O absence, how I drank thy bane!Ask me not how- Like Hafiz, in love’s mazy round,My feet, at length, their goal have found, O ask not where. Part of a poem by Hafiz Translated by Arthur John Arberry                                                                                               Tomb of Hafiz In […]

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Persian pottery, as Old as the Rich History of Iran

Persian pottery is a historical art in Iran. It is difficult to talk about such a glamorous art with thousands of years of history. Not only because its history dates back to many years ago, but also because it is one of the most amazing original artworks human being has been creating during history. Pottery […]

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